Thursday, March 22, 2018


This painting did start out as a pour, and I’m not sure how this morphed into a tree on the hill with a tire swing and a girl catching leaves with a bird watching.  It just happened. To me, it paints a picture of freedom, happiness, endings and beginnings, all wrapped up in cleansing wind and dreams and childhood. 16x20 Acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas.  Prints available

Swan Love

I poured this one at the same time as the clown fish pour.  It amazes me that each pour can turn out so differently with the same colors.  I suppose that is why i love doing this so much.   As an artist, inever know   what you will enjoy, so i can only paint what makes me smile.   This photo with the swan necks forming a heart to me is proof of Gods sense of humor, and His skill in communicating with us through Nature.  God loves you, dear reader, you are precious in His sight and He goes through great lengths to woo you to himself. 18x18 Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.  Prints available

Clown Fish

Ok, so this pour was really a favorite all my itself, but my identity is so wrapped up in altering my pours, i had to add something to this one.   The orange in the pour inspired the clown fish.    18x18 acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.   Prints available 12x12

Fantasy Landscape

This is a two cup pour.  I poured the black around the cup then lifted the dirty pour.  I was careful to fill each cup exactly the same, but as you can see, each one is different.   When i looked at this, i originally saw a boat above what looks like a bay with waves.  Then i saw a bird flying towards me in the red, which inspired the bird I painted.  I keep a file of royalty free photos on my computer, so this bird fit the bill.  This looks like a story about someone hiding in a cave, who just arrived at a new destination and the bird is their helper.  There may be pirates in the cove.    This is 24x36 Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.   Original Not for sale.  Prints available, largest print size 12x18.


I was watching Poldark, a series on Amazon prime video when i did this Acrylic pour.   I saw the profile and the hair and I knew who i was going to paint.  Demelza is a strong, capable, hard-working woman. She is the perfect subject for a portrait.  This one isnt for sale at this time, but i may be willing to sell prints.   16x20 Acrylic on Gallery wrapped canvas.