Saturday, June 4, 2016

Going somewhere?

Size:  6x6
Media:  Acrylic on Gessoboard
Genre:  Still Life
Price: $50.00

Yesterday I made my Shadow Box, so I've been playing around with these little vignettes, adjusting
the lights, casting shadows, and trying different things that I have never done before.  I have my little frame, so that helps, but I did have to try to find my spot each time I checked the perspective.    I still had fun with it anyway.  Maybe I'll even get outside to do some painting this summer, too.  You never know!!
This is what I came up with today, tomorrow I will try another one.   This is really different than
painting from a photo, so a challenge, but this new shadow box is bigger (24"x24") than my little box that I was trying to use before. 14"x14"...and that really makes a difference in a good way.

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